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WSO Special Deals

WSO special deals? What is a WSO special deal?

Warrior Forum 125x125 animated bannerA WSO is a Warrior Special Offer. Basically, it’s an offer made at the Warrior Forum, which is possibly the most popular internet marketing/SEO forum on the web currently. Many of the products you can buy there are pennies on the dollar, as this is a place for first time exposure.

Originally, it was intended to be for members of the forum, but anybody can purchase a WSO if they so desire to do so. Then again, basic membership at the Warrior Forum is free so there’s really no reason not to become a member, snoop around, ask questions, and enter into discussions.

Get These WSO Special Deals to Increase Your Website Presence

FREE Backlinks Galore | The RANK MOVER | WP PDF Doc Sharing Plugin
Viral Social Slider | Fast AttackPenguin | Press Release Traffic | Coming Soon

FREE Backlinks Galore For the LAZY Marketer  COST: $8.37 (dime sale)

How Would You Like To Get Over 6,525+ FREE Backlinks
To Your Websites and Blogs EVERYDAY
with just a few clicks of your mouse…?

And yes I said FREE Backlinks and I really mean just a few clicks of your mouse!

FREE Backlinks Galore For the LAZY Marketer

Here’s What You Get:

  • Immediate access to Alan Ward’s secret collection of powerful FREE Backlink Builder resources/tools, right at your fingertips with instructional videos included for each one…
  • Get yourself thousands of FREE Backlinks in minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse
  • These are Do-Follow Quality inbound backlinks that come from Unique IPa??s and domains that make them heavily valuable to the search engines
  • Watch before your eyes as your backlinks are being created. Each tool gives you a complete REPORT after building your backlinks…
  • So, get ready to dramatically increase the number of backlinks to your sites and BLOGS…
  • And if 6,525 backlinks a day are not enough for you, NO Problema, because some of his secret resources actually allow you to get UNLIMITED backlinks per day for FREE
  • And not only that, but a couple of these golden tools not only build the Backlinks for you, but they also PING them with just a click of a button
  • Pinging them adds extra value to the whole campaign and thus your website will get better link juice
  • You can even add this service to your Offline/Online clients and make extra money selling backlinks using these FREE and LAZY proof resources

And like always, you get Alan Ward’s 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

SEO: The RANK MOVER – Jump Straight To Top SEO RANKINGS COST: $16.97 (Limited, price will increase soon!)

The RANK MOVER - Jump Straight To Top SEO RANKINGS

“SHOCKING Effective Google PULL Methods! Blueprint Reveals How To Get Your Website From Anywhere In The SERP To Jump Straight To Top RANKINGS, Down To A Science! The Exact Procedures To Setup the PULL and Execute the PULL! Secrets Revealed!”

Learn a professional procedure. Daniel Tan calls it, The Rank Mover. It is the procedure he used many times to successfully pull a website from nowhere onto the first page of Google and then, slowly, pull it up onto Top Rankings. It is a SETUP, plus an EXECUTION that he has never revealed before.

His SECRETS Spilling Again!

For those who know Daniel Tan and purchased his products before, you know he over-delivers. His books are not rehash, they are unique and not available in anywhere else. How so? Because they are all experience talk! Daniel Tan doesn’t sell something he has not done before. He walks the talk, talks the walk.

The Rank Mover is a professional procedure. It is responsible of many page 1 and #1 rankings. It is here to MOVE RANKS, especially, to solve the following scenarios:

  • “My Website Stuck at Page 2 and Never Seem To Move!”Now SOLVED!
  • “My Website is nowhere in the Top 100, How Do I Get It To Page 1?”Now SOLVED!
  • “My Website was ranking #3, now it is at Page 3, How Do I Win Back My #3?”Now SOLVED!
  • “My Website is BRAND NEW! Can I rank my website with Rank Mover?”YES! Now SOLVED!

Doc Presser WSO – WordPress Document Sharing Plugin
COST: $9.65 – priced at $197 on their website.

Doc Presser, WordPress Document Sharing Plugin

Get Automatic Backlinks to Your WP Site by Auto Creating and Distributing Documents.

Document sites are not just an overlooked and powerful way of getting authority backlinks, but also the best way of getting your content syndicated to other sites. Some of these sites have viral social buttons that people can share and get your message out to heaps of people. This tool will make a PDF version of your WordPress posts, and syndicate it to several doc sharing sites.

After your initial purchase you will be offered a Pro version. The pro version has extra features such as;

  • Returned URLs
  • Upload of Documents (should be available in a couple of days)
  • Embed PDF Documents on your site
  • Download Documents
  • Bonus Sites

Around $40 for the develper version and
Around $30 for the muti site version

30 day money back guarantee.

Viral Social Slider – Gain Social Traffic Almost Immediately
COST: Dime sale, $9.00 more or less – retail value is $97

Give Google and All Other Search Engines Social Proof from Your Website, while Showing Off Your Social Sites.

Viral Social Slider - Gain Social Traffic Almost Immediately

Click image to see this on a website

Using Viral Social Slider, it can help improve social signals of your blogs and sites with its viral nature. It pulls your social media marketing efforts directly into your website. It compells your visitors to engage socially. Your website now doubles as your social media hub. Excellent for boosting social signals (needed for SEO). Moreover you’ll love how slick the the sliders look on your site! See the example:

Fast Attack-Penguin COST: $9.00 Soon to be a $47 ClickBank product

“How We Rank Brand New Sites On Page 1 Using Penguin-Friendly Methods That Google LOVES … And How To Get Older Sites BACK Where They Belong After A Penguin Slap!”

Craig Mako, and along with partner Maksym, are thrilled to be delivering something that so many have asked for over the past month, which is exactly how they’re currently building and ranking new sites after the Penguin update, along with the methods they’re using to restore any sites that were penalized by Penguin-slaps.

Fast AttackPenguin

Fast AttackPenguin is the precise formula that they’ve been applying to all of their client sites as well as their own sites, both new and old, for the past four months. It’s an add-on to the foundation they already follow using the principals detailed in our FastAttackSEO process, but with added power to deal with Google algorithm changes specifically.

Google continuously updates and tweaks their algorithm to try and stay one step ahead of IMers around the globe. To make sure you stay on the cutting edge youa??ll receive our their FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE if you purchase NOW.

We reserve the right to take down this special Warrior-priced WSO without notice. This product is being prepped as a $47 ClickBank product, and we may not be able to announce the closure of thisWSO in advance. Dona??t gamble on tomorrow, click the BUY button right now and get started on your new empire TODAY.

Press Release Traffic Code 2.0
COST: Dime sale, $10.00 more or less – retail value is $97

2,400+ Units Sold 

Google Rank #2 in 38 Minutes FLAT!
His name is Todd Gross, the famous “weatherman marketer,” doing TV weather for 30 years before becoming the #1 video spokesperson on the Warrior Forum.

Press Release Traffic Code-2.0 Watch this video!

At all the TV news organizations he worked for which includes The Today Show, CNBC, and NBC, CBS, and ABC, affiliates across the United States, he noticed that they all had one thing in common when they wanted to get their story on Google Page One AND into Google News:


But most marketers don’t turn out good press releases:
This is fundamental learning for everybody in business, it’s not just for marketers or marketing assistants. Writing great press releases is an art form and not everybody can do that, but doing a decent release is within anyone’s grasp.

Press Release Traffic Code 2.0

This product will help, Press Release Traffic Code 2.0!

This works regardless of what you use it for:
The author focuses a lot of time on the issue of ranking sites and has clearly explained how that works. That said, if you’re the guy on the corner who sells cinnamon rolls or bagels and all you care about is a little local publicity, Press Release Traffic Code has the information that will apply to you as well.

Full disclosure on the ranking issue:
There are an abundance of products and methods that claim to have the inside scoop on how to crush Google. World domination wasn’t the tone of this product. It was just straightforward tactical info.

They clearly show how to rank via press releases, but quickly admit tat even if you get to the # 1 slot, you’ll soon fall in the rankings.

Then, he presents a workaround for that, displaying a tactic that can bring regular traffic.

The main offer is an ebook, as well case studies and a keyword guide. The OTO is a couple of tools to enhance the experience, plus a tutoriala?AAAAAAAA¦ keyword density, competition and trend checker, plus an ebook for building organic, long-term traffic. The price for the OTOs starts at $8.95.

Super Simple SEO: Google+ Local Edition

LGDlazygoogledominator How I ranked a .info site in the weight loss niche without doing any of the work myself!

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