Web Design Process

The Process to Publish Your Web Pages

A website is more than just text and media you need:

1. a domain name registered
2. a website host to serve your files on the internet
3. a great, user-friendly & SEO-friendly website design
4. easy to read and navigate

While some web designers also offer these additional services, I recommend you seek domain registration and hosting from companies that specialize in this. Some web designers may not give you adequate support when problems arise, and it can be easier and less expensive to change these services if you ever need to move your website. Ive heard a few horror stories of how a web design company would not release the web files or hosting to their clients.

You also need to be aware of companies who retain ownership of your content until your contract is satisfied.

Domains and Website Files Both Require Hosting

With most companies, you can apply for domain name hosting and website files hosting at the same time.

Website domains are purchased through a domain registrar on a yearly basis, and pricing can go from $10/year to over $35/year.

A few facts about domain names and registration:

  • The name you choose should be selected carefully to represent your product or your company brand.
  • In choosing a domain extension, the dot-com is the most highly recognized, but dot-org and dot-net are also highly regarded by search engines. In my opinion, dot-biz and dot-info extensions shouldn’t be considered.
  • For optimal search engine recognition, you should purchase and renew your domain for at lease two years.
  • Having multiple domains isn’t usually necessary; the quality of your content is most important.Using multiple domains may present more relevant websites, thus attract more relevant links. The right page is also more likely to rank for the right language and keywords. This also generated more effort to build and control, as unique content is needed to be done for every domain. A single domain can more easily accumulate and share all available link value. It also requires a lot less effort than working on multiple domains.

Other considerations:

  • Exact match domains and close matches to important keywords are still important in SEO. When you have multiple important keywords you can choose apply for various exact match domains. Be aware though; Google is now keeping a close eye to EMDs that violate usage.
  • Country specific domains are also great for demographics, such as dot-us, dot-ca, and dot-fr.
  • Industry and type specific domains: .jobs .mobi .name .tel and .me (dot-me is actually the Internet country code TLD for Montenegro).

You can get your domain there, too!

I prefer Jack’s (weve become good friends) website hosting, ZOMEX, because he has THE BEST support bar none!! You don’t have to call in and repeat your account info to three different operators before you get some action (EX: GoDaddy). Nope, all you do is send him a ticket or an email, and he will tend to your troubles within a half hour. He also uses Litespeed servers. These servers are nine times faster than conventional Apache servers. So if you want THE BEST hosting company.

For small companies, shared hosting is the best choice, as it’s economical, and managed. Shared hosting is where companies place several websites on one server. You should expect to pay under $10/month for this. Should your website develop beyond the capacities of shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers are a couple of choices to go with, but there’s a lot you’ll need know before this decision is made.

Deciding factors on choosing a website hosting company

There are many deciding factors that go into choosing who to host your website with. Although the most highly recommended may be satisfactory, you should be aware of these crucial factors.

  • The server uptime should be 99.99%.
  • The bandwidth (ability to serve), and the web space (file storage capacity) should be able to handle more than you require, and you should be able to upgrade or downgrade without trouble.
  • Customer service and response time is very important and can be crucial. With more personal and knowledgeable providers, your website problems can be more easily resolved.
  • There are two basic server platforms to choose from: Windows and Linux. The platform you choose has to match with your server side requirements and hardware. The most popular is Linux, as it uses the free open source PHP language.
    If using WordPress or other website-controlling scripts, DO NOT use a Windows server.
  • Over-crowding servers. Sometimes hosting providers will try to cut costs by over-crowding their servers with too many websites. This can lead to slow loading web pages.
  • Miscellaneous considerations: easy to configure forms for email, web statistics, error logs and reporting supports, support forums, and different web mail services.