Affordable Website Design Services, Custom Websites, Templates, & SEO

Before building on a competitive advantage, there are a few basic requirements for your website that you must consider, and these are the responsibility of both you and your web designer.

  • Site Accessibility
    Your website should be accessible for everyone, regardless of physical or technological ability, to access and use. This also applies to viewing your website on mobile devices, printed paper, and older web browsers.
  • Customer Friendly
    Your website should be quick and easy for a user to find exactly what they need. Customers expect to see who you are and what you do. They need a direct and clear navigation, your location and/or contact information readily available, and smart search functionality.
  • Clean Look and Feel
    Your website content is most important. The websites look and feel needs to make your products, services, and information stand out, so the viewer is guided towards your call to action.
  • Straightforward Content and Copy with No Distractions
    People are in a hurry when using the internet. Your website should focus on delivering only what is needed. Using splash pages, bright colors, or anything excessive, can annoy customers as well as degrade your professional creditability. Website copy needs to be concise, well organized, scannable, and compelling.