Organic Search Engine Optimization: the Foremost Internet Marketing Platform

This phase includes all efforts that are performed within the boundaries of your website.

  1. Optimizing Pages For Keywords: We will optimize your web pages for the selected keywords,  following the rule of one to three keyword phrase per page. The end result will determine how a search engine robot (also known as a “Spider” or “Crawler”) will actually see and rank your website, taking several factors into consideration.
  2. Meta Tag Composition: WDBS will create or adjust the meta TITLE & DESCRIPTION tags for each of the optimized pages. Keyword tags are best not used they can be detrimental.
  3. Google Sitemap: WDBS will generate a Google sitemap file for your website, ensuring proper crawling and maximum indexing of your pages, then submit it to Google.
  4. Add New Content Pages: We may need to provide your website with quality fresh SEO content an extra fee may apply.
  5. Website Structural Analysis: We will analyze the structure of your website and identify potential problems, examine the coding and the design from an optimization perspective. Recommendations will be suggested for using best practices that apply (could be extra charge).
  6. Website Usability Assessment: WDBS will asses the user experience on your website and identify potential problems. We will take into account user interface aspects, ease of navigation, copy writing issues, and overall look & feel impression. We will provide recommendations based on best practices that apply to your specific case.
  7. Website Quality Report: We will check your website for variety of errors and problems (broken links, missing ALT attributes, etc.) and will repair or replace everything that needs to be fixed.

Off-site SEO: The act of getting other websites to link back to yours. Google places this high priority, as also is the age of your website.

Includes all actions that are performed outside the boundaries of your website.

  1. Quality One-Way Link Building: Getting reliable one-way links from relevant websites and multi-tiered Web 2.0 and social website backlinks is the true challenge of any SEO campaign and one of the keys to success. There are many strategies that can be applied, some are more common than others.We will take care of this for you by having talented link agents and copywriters providing quality content and backlinks, highly relevant to your website and business.
    This could be a one time procedure which will enhance the quantity and, more importantly, the quality of links you receive from other web resources. Our goal is to get your website connected within your industry and increase your search engine rankings at the same time. In result you will gain targeted traffic from related authority sites, blogs, Web 2.o sites, social networks, and the search engines.
  2. Create and Publish Your Articles and Press Releases: Our company’s agent will publish articles to hundreds of article directories, press release publishers and news hubs across the Internet. This will help driving targeted traffic to your website and will boost the number of incoming one way links.
  3. Web Directory Submission: Submitting your website to the right directories can significantly boost your website’s ranking.
  4. New SEO Submission Software We have a variety of submission softwares such as PageOne Curator, Backlink Topia, and WP SEO Ninja, we will use, depending on your situation.
  5. Ranking Check: WDBS, with the assistance of, will monitor your ranking with the selected search engines on a weekly basis and inform you with any changes. You will be able to review your ranking history analysis, see how your website stacks against competition and measure the effectiveness of our efforts.
  6. Extensive SEO is available. See this post: Google Penguin Guaranteed Website Repair, SEO Assessment and Recovery

Google Penguin Penalized websites:

  • $495 – two keywords on Google page one within 2 months guaranteed, 1 keyword value (AdWords) $1.00



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Level The SEO Playing Field by Using Social Media

Now the Small Business Can Compete with the Big Guys.

Social media& SEO strategyUnder traditional SEO practices, a conventional small business would have no chance for ranking with highly competitive keywords. Older sites utilizing optimization techniques reign; it’d be nearly impossible to reach their SERP level without years of campaigning.

Think about it: almost half of today’s web traffic is being generated using
various social networks that have come about in the last few years.

Social SEO changes all that!! A tweet receiving a viral-size number of retweets can mean as much as a link from a top-ranking site; a +1 from a comrade can send your site to the top of the social SERPs for that guy’s entire network.

Social media should already be a part of your business strategy. You NEED TO REALIZE – it’s time to grab the power of social media for your SEO strategy – or risk falling behind while your competitors cash in on their social chips.

Current and forgoing, Facebook is still the KING of social media network, making it a very important and POWERFUL social SEO tool. With over 1 billion users, this website enjoys a powerful Google page rank. Being a search engine preference, along with the sheer amount of traffic Facebook owns, can be used to gain SERP (search engine results position) advantage.