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Search Engine Optimization: Fact vs. Fiction

Article from I consider this reading to be one of the best SEO write-ups I’ve come across.

In order to fully comprehend the rationale for the forthcoming recommendations, one must first understand that there is, in essence, a war raging between the search engines and those that would manipulate them for their own selfish gain.

This document aims to equip Web authors with the information necessary to adequately prepare their Web pages for search engine placement in accordance with the most basic rules of the World Wide Web. Absolutely no promise is made as to the end result of the use of this information; however, has effectively demonstrated that the techniques outlined within are effective and long lived.

The architecture and design of any Web site will play a major role in search engine rankings. A design emphasizing aesthetic values and flashy gimmickry may command a big “WOW” factor, but they will seldom be readily indexable by the machines employed by search engines. One could potentially end up with a fantastic site that no one else can find.

Conversely, a site with rich content but devoid of any aesthetic value may not meet all the needs of Web authors or end users despite otherwise fantastic search rankings. For these and many other reasons, Web authors must take special care when designing their sites to ensure that they will be accessible to all users – mechanical or human.

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Search Engine Optimization

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