You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for quality website design!!

For your budget, you should include at least $500 as a base cost for building a site from scratch, and $200 if you’re looking at a redesign.

If you supply all of the images, you will still need to budget some funds to get those images integrated into the new design (budget at least $200). And if you’re looking for the design firm to create an entirely new design and images for you, either in a template or not, you should budget at least $1000.

You will probably also need icons and buttons created to go with your design. Budget $300 for them. And any other custom images you need you should budget another $400.

With the above elements, you will have a website that most people would agree is sufficient, but there are a lot of extra features that many designers can provide

Basic Site: $1200, Some Extras: $1400, Full Website: $2800 Additional Features: $100 to $9200

And Don’t Forget Maintenance!