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About Designer, Steve Shearer

Webdesign: Steves - Work StationThis is me, Steve Shearer, and here’s where you’ll usually find me, in front of these two computer monitors. I do web design, SEO, graphics, and a bit of web copy writing.

Affordable Web Design

… going a step beyond low-cost web design with search engine optimization services.

Experience is everything between my clients and myself. I always try to see what they see, to show them cost saving alternatives, and to be completely forthright and honest. I would enjoy being your web designer and/or SEO agent, and will strive to make it a pleasant and affordable experience for you!

  • For most of my clients, I am there to help them understand all of the processes involved in getting a website.
  • For many of my clients, I share the knowledge I have to help them make their website more presentable, more automated, and more affordable.
  • For all of my clients, I communicate with them on the level of knowledge and understanding that they are able and accustomed to. You won’t be belittled in our interactions, and you won’t see me as lacking knowledge, understanding, and communication skills.
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Carpenter Steve, at the tablesawI am really happy being a web designer and an SEO expert. Prior to this, I was a finish carpenter for 35 years, at which I also did a lot of designing. But this career has so much more to offer me. My imagination is always sparked for creativity, and my human relation skills are often put to the test. There’s always something new, there’s always more to learn.

When you hire me for your web design/SEO project, your project is not just supporting my physical existence, your project will be expanding my mental capabilities, and invigorating my creativity. It’s not for the money (of which is barely enough), but for my lively hood that I do what I do.

“I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.” – Thomas Edison

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